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Badly behaving baboons breed a viral video

I caught a glimpse of this video on TV while eating lunch and decided to check YouTube to see if I could find out more information about it. Turns out, this is a staged demonstration that was used by staff at the Knowsley Safari Park to supplement some photos they took for a press release about these mischievous baboons. What a great idea it is to use visual cues like these for a press release, and with 9,956 views and 21 comments within a few hours of posting it to YouTube shows how quickly good ideas spread. This almost makes me wish for Baboons here in Park City so we could do a similar video, check it out:

What are the lessons from this?

  • There are always opportunities to do what we do everyday differently.
  • Always look for the unique element of any situation.
  • The photos were what were sent with the press release, but the video is what is getting the buzz – don’t be afraid to do more than what is intended.

What else can be taken away from the success of this video and applied to what you do everyday?

Today’s ResortXpo Social Media Presentation Plus One

Having participated on a few panels focused on Social Media, I heartily endorse the experience and would advise anyone who is offered the chance to share their knowledge to go ahead and participate. I’ve also been very lucky to have fantastic fellow panelists on the presentations that I’ve been involved with, and truthfully I’ve learned many great insights preparing for the presentation itself in addition to the experience of speaking. So, thanks to Milena Regos, Michelle Evans and David Laplante for teaching me and with me during today’s ResortXpo Social Media presentation and if you missed it, the recording will be available online for a week or two, but you can always browse through our presentation slides here:

And since I’m on a bit of a roll with sharing today, here’s a presentation that Michelle Evans tweeted about earlier today. It’s one of the better and more unique decks on social media that I’ve seen in some time:

Lift Ticket Pricing Based Upon Current Conditions – What a Concept!

So would this qualify as a 3 or a 4???

Last week in Oregon, Mt Bachelor Ski Resort (Dislaimer: MB is one of the sister resort of Park City and I do work for Park City) introduced a very intriguing concept for the 2009-10 winter season. They are going to price their day tickets based upon conditions that day! Here’s the scoop:

In a move to better match the quality of the on-mountain experience with the daily lift ticket price, Mt. Bachelor is putting into place a sliding scale that takes into account the amount of lift serviced terrain and weather factors such as visibility, wind, precipitation and temperature…read more

For the ski industry this is pretty radical stuff, well maybe radical isn’t the word, but it’s certainly a big move in the direction of better presenting their product for their guests.

I think that it’s very important how MB lays out the fact that they have larger crowds on the nicer weather days and that therefore they need to price accordingly. I will be interested to see how difficult it is for them to get the pricing scale nailed down every day, according to the Bend Bulletin, MB estimates that they should be ‘correct’ about 95% of the time and I’m guessing that there will be a few days when the weather unexpectedly breaks or socks in.

The most interesting aspect of this strategy is how it is very tailored to the central Oregon audience that MB caters to and would most likely not work well at most other resorts. This customer centric approach leads me to believe that this program will succeed at MB and I hope it leads other resorts to create innovative pricing strategies that are catered to their audience and not set just because it’s how it’s always been done or what other resorts are doing.

Photo credit: kludgebox

Come visit Park City with the Social Media Clubs of SLC & UV

Not one, but two Social Media Clubs are coming up to visit us in Park City this week! Both the Social Media Club of Salt Lake City, and the Social Media Club of Utah Valley will be enjoying summer in the mountains with us at Park City Mountain Resort for a “Summer Social” on Thursday July 16 from 4pm-8pm with a Tweetup on the 2nd floor of the Legacy Lodge starting at 7pm. I’d encourage anyone that’s been to a meeting of one of these groups to sign up (you get a free Alpine Slide ticket that way) and come up and play with us…the weather is looking great and doesn’t everyone want a ‘real’ excuse to come up and spend some time in Park City?!

Are you attending the Resortxpo?

resortxpoFirst off, what the heck is the Resortxpo? It’s a virtual conference for resort professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skill without even leaving their office and desk! Sound interesting? I hope so, because it’s coming up on July 15 and 16, and I’m excited to say that I’m going to be one of the presenters in a panel called, “How to Engage Skiers and Riders with Your Resort’s Brand Using Social Media.” We’ve got a diverse, passionate and very smart group of panelists¬† and for me, this topic is one that is quite close to my heart.

Please let me know if there is anything that you want us to discuss in this panel, or if you have any questions about how we’re approaching social media at the resort by leaving a comment on this post below.

Thanks and I hope to see you at the Resortxpo!

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