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Winter Break

Snow Day

It’s very rare in the ski resort business to get a vacation in during the Holiday time frame, and for me and everyone that I work with, this is once again true this season. However, in light of the fact that things are very busy and only getting busier as snow envelopes the Western Mountains, I’m going to be putting up fewer posts over the next week or two. I’ll try to sock away some thoughts, but please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email if you have any ideas or would like to pen a guest post. I keep this blog up as a way to throw ideas around as well as to try other ideas out so please don’t be shy. And if anything else, have a wonderful Holiday Season, enjoy time with family, friends and on the slopes!
Photo credit: Flickr user Zach Dischner

Too Much Snow…

I never thought I’d write that title, but when you’re talking football, the Metrodome and up to 2 feet of snow, this is what happens:
<a href="" target="_new" title="">NFL on FOX: Metrodome collapse</a>

ESPN and their Crazy New Year’s Eve Stunts

This is a bit off-topic, but this video got me to thinking, when is ESPN going to bring their Red Bull sponsored New Year’s Eve stunt fest to the snow instead of bringing snow activities to the beach? This year’s long distance snowmobile jump is pretty crazy looking stuff non-the-less:

Groupon and the slopes.

Groupon, the online localized deal of the day site, is making some pretty major waves. Probably the biggest was ┬áthe recent news that they turned down a reported $5-6 billion dollar offer from Google, which isn’t totally surprising considering that they are the fastest growing company of all time – yes, of all time, according to their President and COO Rob Solomon at the Phocuswright Conference a few weeks ago. Solomon also mentioned that Groupon is now in 30 countries but is really focused on providing more personalization to their offers. So with that in mind, is it any surprise that ski resorts are now offering their tickets on Groupon with Burke Mountain in Vermont selling 600 day tickets back on this past November 30. Burke Mountain’s deal was $26 off the full day ticket price of $66 or $24 off the half day ticket price of $52, with the standard Groupon cut of 20% the yield worked out to be $32, not bad considering that Burke was hoping to sell 300 ticket, but…a recent article in AdAge called “Why Groupon Could Own Your Brand’s Future” drills to what I think may be the primary problem of deal of the day sites like Groupon, which is that these services make price the main thing that a customer focuses on, not value, not brand promise, and certainly not the experience. So, if ski resorts start to participate regularly in deal sites, are they just driving their yields down lower, or are they actually reaching consumer they wouldn’t have otherwise? I lean towards to the former, but what do you think?

Wonderful Weekend on the Slopes

Even though I managed to swing by my desk at work both on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, it was well worthwhile. On Saturday, I snuck in by myself and got in a bunch of great early season turns on freshly opened terrain that included several shots of days old, but still fun, powder.

Little k on Crescent Lift on the way up!

On Sunday, my wife was feeling a bit under the weather so I got to take our 3 1/2 year old up to the mountain for some skiing all by myself. A completely different experience from the day before but just as fun and even more rewarding. Who else has had some great times at skis or snowboard so far this season?

Pope Benedict XVI

A great testimonial for skiing – from the Pope!

Pope Benedict XVIAs the 2010-2011 Winter Season drew near, Pope Benedict XVI, gave a rather ringing endorsement for the sport we love as he spoke to a group of ski instructors, saying that, “Your commitment as Ski instructors helps to stimulate some capabilities, such as consistency in pursuing goals, respect for rules, and tenacity in overcoming difficulties”. ┬áSee this article that I found on the Vatican Radio website for more on what the Pope said about skiing and sport.

Certainly a nice way to start the season with such lofty words, all I can say is let’s head out and make some turns!

Photo credit: Flickr user Catholic Westminster

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