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User Mobile Preference in Further Depth

To follow up on the results of the poll in the last post, it turned out the way I thought it might (just take a look below for the results), ok there were only a total of 11 votes, but it still showed that – all things being equal – people much preferred just visiting a mobile site as opposed to downloading and installing an app. This informal and small sample supports a recent report from Jumptap that shows that, “Findings Reveal Consumers Spend More Time Surfing the Web Versus Using Mobile Apps; Older, More Affluent Consumers More Likely to Engage with Ads”. Be aware that this report is only look at apps that are ad-supported vs mobile web, but it’s still quite interesting in light of all the buzz that’s still percolating regarding apps.

Of course this is all open to further question by a similarly titled report, but with the opposite direction from Flurry, “Mobile Apps Put the Web in Their Rear-view Mirror”.  It’s certainly a case of different methodologies and perhaps different goals, but it’s interesting to see two very dissimilar end results on this topic. If anything, it shows that there is a lot of interest in the mobile/app space and also no crystal clear direction as to which direction is best unless you are very careful to first define what goal you’re looking to achieve and then work backwards from there to determine whether an app or mobile site would be most suited to your needs…at least that’s the point that I’m at – what do you think?


Image credit: Flickr user Robert Scoble – ’cause he has a boatload of apps!

A quick mobile question

This question is intended to see how people prefer to interact on the mobile web. Therefore it’s perhaps a bit intentionally vague as it’s really trying to see what users’ like in general as opposed to more specific uses. Please pass along the link and thanks in advance for participating!

And now for something completely different

Perhaps because I’m not fully back into the swing of blogging, and because with a 4 year old that still is quirky about her sleep habit, I have to saw that I loved this book when I first paged through it and now with “Bad Motherf*cker”, Samuel L Jackson doing the reading of it, I feel that this video needs as much exposure as possible. Enjoy, but be aware that it’s NSFW, particularly if you don’t have headphones:

EDIT 6/19/11 – it appears that the original video wasn’t appropriately licensed content and was pulled, so here’s the teaser:

and download Samuel L Jackson’s audio reading for free from ( version).

Go Time

After a re-invigorating break from work and blogging, I’m baaacckkk! The first topic to start back with is this interesting infographic that I found on Simplifying via Mashable which breaks out some interesting numbers on how successful airlines are in social media by virtue of how they manage their social accounts by either dedicated employees or an integrated team approach. Seems like it’s pretty obvious which direction has more success for airlines and I think it readily translates into other travel businesses including ski resorts, enjoy!

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