The gains of rorting.Dear readers,

I admit it, I’ve ben slacking off on this blog for a few weeks. I’d like to say it was due to the fact that we snuck away for a 10-day family road trip vacation out to the Bay Area via Yosemite and back again, but it’s more been due to the fact that I’ve been super busy with work related projects and spending the remaining time with my family. But, the Resort Marketing Blog must soldier on, particularly when I come across a headline like the one I recently found via my Google+ “Sparks” stream:

Ski boss accused of rorting Baw Baw

After a quick wikipedia search, I learned that “rorting” is what our friends in Australia and New Zealand use to describe government¬†embezzlement, I have to admit I really wasn’t sure what it might mean and was actually a bit relieved to hear that. I hope the charges don’t pan out, as it’s never nice to here about any wrongdoing in your industry, but it certainly caught my attention and provided an interesting way to kick off the blogging season – welcome back!

Photo credit: Flickr user Jeff Belmonte