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A Truly Interactive Video

Nike probably has the marketing budget of every ski resort in the US put together, but if resorts could all pool their resources and create campaigns like what Nike does…watch out, because if you haven’t taken a look at Nike’s recent football (ok, soccer) campaign videos on YouTube, you should, check out the preview video below and for the really good stuff visit their My Time is Now interactive piece – it’s pretty amazing how much interactivity is in it, with player stats, slow-mo, shopping and there’s even an embedded Sonic the Hedgehog “tunnel”, certainly ideas galore in this piece. And oh, the video below just has only 14.3 million views – no stats I could find for the interactive version).

Lack of snow

Winter 2011-12 Results

Lack of snowPreliminary numbers from the 2011-12 Winter Season have been released by the National Ski Area Association, and boy do they stink…down 15% to 51 million, or back nearly to 1991-92 levels…wow, that was the season I moved to Park City and was a long time ago!

Other interesting items of note:

  • 50% of resorts opened late this past season
  • 48% of resorts closed early this past season
  • Lowest national average snowfall since the 1991-92 season (interesting coincidence?)
  • The biggest YoY drop was 17.6% drop in 1980-81, but there was a 22% increase the next season (reason for hope?)
Read the release here and the full report will be issued in July from NSAA.
Photo credit: Flickr user (taken in Europe in 2007 – but is a great representation for the past season here in the States)

How Much Emphasis on Digital Marketing?

A recent post in about Starwood committing 75% of its marketing spend to digital media sent me back to reading this great deck about the power of digital marketing. The question I see now is how much digital spend are you putting forth? Are you ahead of the curve, or behind? Are you concerned or excited?! I’m excited and think the opportunities in digital are only getting better…post your thoughts in the comments, thanks!

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