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Travel Infographic

Travel Shifting Across the Screens

I’ve found a lot of great research that’s been published in the past few months (I’ll be posting my favorites in the coming weeks), and one of my favorites is this piece from thinktravel with Google. I am fascinated by the multi-screen usage by day part chart (if you haven’t made serious effort to ensure your web presence accommodates various screens besides desktop, just stop reading now). In addition the major increase in mobile usage by leisure travellers certainly should be of interest to resort marketers as well. One of the big question this presents is just how fast the adoption for booking on mobile will be and also how the 60-70% of mobile (OTA) bookings being same day certainly shows the potential for ski resorts to sell via mobile as well.


Travel InfographicGraphic from: thinktravel with Google


Back in the Game

It’s time to get the ball rolling again with The Resort Marketing Blog.

It was another super busy winter and with my work responsibilities, family responsibilities and side projects something had to take priority and this side project was not anywhere near the top of the list. But, things have mellowed (a bit) and I am definitely looking to pick this back up.

So, here’s a list of topics that I want to touch on in the near future:

  • What is the current state of digital marketing for resorts.
  • What is the future.
  • What has changed.
  • What has stayed the same.
  • What is going on outside the resort industry that we all must be aware of.
  • What winter resorts can do to grow business.
  • New and unique topics that come across my different feeds.

It was nice to get a little “me time” but it’s time to kick this back up – cheers!

130505-backPhoto credit: Flickr userĀ Crystl


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