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Positive Indicators?

Sojern just released details about travel trends in the 2013 3rd quarter and they look positive for winter mountain destination as we head into the 2013-14 winter travel season.

First off, this was the first quarter all year in which women traveled more than men, which Sojern notes could be due to more family travel, which would bode well for ski resorts as the revenue potential from families is higher than from any other type of traveller.

Secondly, leisure travel continue to look strong, outpacing business travel at a 72 to 28 percent clip, not a lot of business travel to ski resorts.

Third, travelers are booking with greater lead times, 31 percent booked flight more than 30 days in advance versus 24 percent in the second quarter which is also a good sign for destination mountain resorts which look for visitors that stay longer who tend to book with longer lead times.

Finally, in the below infographic, note that “groups” (3 or more people) nearly doubled from quarter 2, again a simple but positive stat.

Download the full report or check out some other interesting tidbits below:

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Google Analytics Academy

Get Some Google Analytics Fundamentals While You Can

Google Analytics AcademyIn the dynamic world of digital marketing it’s vital to always be looking to continue learning, as well as brushing, up on your knowledge of the digital space. Here’s a great way to do this with basic analytics. The Google Analytics Academy is a fantastic resource to either refresh or build on your digital analytics skills, but you’ll have to hurry as it’s only available until October 30, 2013 (at least this installment of it). Head to and get cracking. The course consists of six full units of digital knowledge and, as a bonus, there’s a Google + Hangout (sorry again super last-minute) this Tuesday morning with Justin Cutroni and Avinash Kaushik (if you don’t know who they are, then you really need to attend) which is sure to be full of valuable knowledge above and beyond that to be found in the course.

They note that there will be more of these courses in the future, but none are currently scheduled, so hustle if you want to get in on this great series. Enjoy!

And guess what, if you get through the course and score at least 80% on the Final Assessment they’ll even generate a nifty document for you that looks just like this (now get cracking!):

 Digital Analytics Fundamentals

Avalanche Sharks?

I can’t help but wonder if #AvalancheSharks will get as much Twitter buzz as #Sharknado, judge for yourself in this trailer:

Thumbnail blogroll image photo credit: Flickr user jakesmome
Crystal Ball

2013-14 Season Predictions

Crystal BallCrystal ball predictions are usually fun to read and then fun to revisit to see how accurate the predictions were. Since the 2013-14 Winter Season is fast approaching, I figured a few predictions for the season would only be appropriate:

  • As long as the economy doesn’t crash (I am personally very leery of the potential economic impact of congress not getting a budget passes and in particular raising the debt limit ceiling) it will be a solid fiscal year for ski resorts.
  • It will be an average to above average snow year for most areas around the country – I’m hoping the past few sub par seasons are enough to ensure this.
  • Consolidation of ski resort ownership will continue – since skier numbers aren’t increasing by large amounts at individual resorts, I would argue that the easiest way for large ski companies to continue to grow is via the purchase of other resorts.
  • Skis and snowboards will continue to evolve – I wonder and hope that there might be a design change like the introduction of 27.5 and 29 inch wheels (standard had been 26 inches) for mountain bikes that will take hold in ski/board design.
  • Digital enhancements will continue to evolve and drive ski resort marketing more and more.
  • There will be unique storytelling campaigns unveiled this season, some will succeed and some will not.
  • The Sochi Olympics will shine a light on winter sports and offer an end of season boost to winter resorts, in no small part due to the fact that Easter is so late this season – April 20, 2014.
  • There will be way to many attempts by ski resorts to jump on a meme bandwagon – case in point, how many Harlem Shake videos did ski resorts create last season?

Ok, there’s my first ski season prediction list – let me know if you think I missed any in the comments and enjoy the 2013-14 season!

Photo credit: Flickr user Larry Kwan
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