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It’s on!

I’ve written and said this many times, that working year round at a ski resort must be similar to being a school teacher and opening day has to be similar to the first day of school. We (ski resort employees) put in a ton of effort over the off-season to make sure that things shine when our first guests arrive on opening day, and then it’s non-stop until the last chair stops spinning on closing day. And then? Well it’s another push to get everything ready for the next opening day!


We just opened for the 2014-15 winter season on this past Saturday and with over a foot of fresh snow, things are starting off with a band – just the way us marketers like. So, get on the bus, head to your favorite ski resort and come join us in school!

Photo credit: Flickr user woodleywonderworks

Establishing Consistency

I’ve written before that this blog is a tool that I like to use as my personal sandbox, to test (and share) ideas, tools and more in the digital space. I haven’t been the most consistent in posting to this blog, but in the six plus years that I’ve written, I’ve published 318 (including this one) posts which works out to an average of 53 posts per year, or just over one post per week. The posts have been a bit less consistent in the past two years, but starting back on August 8, 2014, I’ve made it a goal to publish one post per week (and on Mondays) to see what effect publishing consistency would have on visitation to the blog.

What have been the results so far? In looking year over year, not great (aside from the New Sessions number):



There are a number of variables that could influence these results, and the biggest one for me is the length of time for this effort. I  have only a few months in maintaining this consistency. Also, in trying to get a regular flow of articles, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the content I’m posting might not be as relevant to my audience as it should be. In a way, it’s an experiment in finding my sweet spot in terms of the best performing content for this blog as well as building consistency for visitors, knowing that they’ll find new content on the blog each week.

Design and How to Do It

I’m not a designer, but as an online marketer I find myself often looking at the how content can best be presented to visitors. It’s clear that there are now many devices and ways that users can interact with content and that there needs to ways to have it look and act consistently across these devices and interaction methods. A new and rapidly evolving option to accomplish this is Google’s Material Design which they call “…a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.”

Here’s a quick intro clip of Material Design elements:

And here’s a much deeper panel discussion introduction to Material Design:

Watch, think and plan for your next projects, material design might not be the right fit for everything, but it’s a great way to frame new ideas and projects.


Favorite Ski Songs

EarphonesSeveral years ago, I wrote a post about whether or not to ski/ride with music, I figured it’s time to write one about my favorite songs to ski with. Here’s my playlist to ski to:

  • Even Flow // Alive – Pearl Jam
  • Blue Sky – Big Head Todd and the Monsters
  • But Anyway – Blues Traveller
  • I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) – Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons
  • Ickey Thump – The White Stripes
  • Tighten Up -The Black Keys
  • Everylong // Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday // Beautiful Day – U2
  • Life and How to Live it – R.E.M.
  • Weekapaug Groove – Phish
  • Ho Hey – The Lumineers
  • Keep Your Head Up – Ben Howard
  • Mr Brightside – The Killers

We’re all different, so what are a few of your favorite ski (or snowboard) tunes? Drop ’em in the comments as I’m always looking for new suggestions for my ski days!

I’ve got another question.

What do you use to organize your tunes?

I’ve gone through a slew of MP3 players over the years and I’m now using Google Play Music on my phone. I’ve tried Pandora, Spotify and Songza, but with Google’s acquisition of Songza and (finally) integration of its curated playlists into Google Music, I’m satisfied with it as my choice for a home and on the slopes music player. It allows me to download music to my device, stream it online and create my own playlists, play from an album or use either Songa’s curated lists or “radio” options based upon genre’s or an artist.

Photo credit: Flickr user photosteve101 
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