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Many years ago, a colleague of mine mentioned something during a discussion about working in marketing a a ski resort. She said something along the lines of, “If you’re going to succeed in marketing a ski resort, don’t forget that it’s all about fun.” I took that for the subtitle of my blog and it’s also a part of the passion that I bring to work each day, and also something that I wanted to share when I began this blog back in October of 2008. I need to acknowledge the Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer that I attended earlier that month as providing me with inspiration and motivation to start a Resort Marketing centric blog, in particular a rather odd bathroom chat with Chris Brogan after a kick-ass Gary Vaynerchuk keynote.

The Resort Marketing Blog is intended as a way to interact with other marketing professionals in the resort marketing field. But, also as a kind of digital sandbox in which I can try out various ideas and concepts.

Confession: it’s really cool playing with SEO on a personal blog where the consequences of a screw up are a blow to my ego and not to the business I work for! So, if you suddenly find a new look on my blog or a different layout to the widgets, you can bet that I’m probably doing to tests to see what works and what doesn’t.

Here are some basics on how this blog is setup:

  • You can find out more about me and what I do here.
  • Use the nifty tools tab to the right which provides you with number of helpful ways to browse the blog including a way to navigate through past posts by month.
  • The search box is handy for a quick query search.
  • Please  share your views in the comments and subscribe to receive the latest updates.

Disclaimer – this is my personal blog and as such will be a place where I post my personal opinions, thoughts, and ideas. It is focused on topics related to marketing for ski resorts and it’s also a place that I hope will create interesting and constructive dialogue – please keep it positive and since it’s my personal blog I do reserve the right to update, edit, delete content on this blog at any time. In addition, all content written by me on this blog is of my own opinion and not of my employer (Park City Mountain Resort); however, I acknowledge that I have certain biases due to this, so please feel free to call me out, it’s all part of the discussion. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

The below content is for IMEC testing purposes and will have link which are not intended for any resort marketing purposes aside from helping out with sandbox type testing.

Short nights and little sleep lead to needing some torpor, hibernation or estivation, see this for more.

Adding some content to provide separation from the two sample elements. This is just filler and can and should be completely disregarded.

This is the second part and if you want to check out and interesting page, you can get to it here.

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