bobsledSince I just posted the 10 Things I wish I’d done this Summer, I want to follow a list of some of the things that I’m glad to have accomplished this summer:

  1. Spent every day of my six weeks off with my daughter.
  2. Switched this blog from to a self-hosted solution.
  3. Biked up to the Park Silly Market (with little K in her trailer) nearly every Sunday.
  4. Passed the Inbound Marketing Certification exam from Hubspot.
  5. Sanded and stained our back patio.
  6. Spent a great week in San Francisco and Palo Alto with family.
  7. Was lucky to be invited to participate on two amazing Social Media panels.
  8. Rode the Alpine Coaster and Olympic Bobsled (Comet) in the same afternoon.
  9. Spent practically every Wednesday evening with family and friends listening to the free concerts and sitting under the beautiful Park City sky.
  10. Got to watch my daughter run and play in innumerable playgrounds and in the Park City Racquet Club pool.
Photo credit: the driver of our sled – thanks for the pic and for not crashing!