Caucasas, Russia Ski ResortAccording to reports, Russia is planning to spend up to $15.5 billion to develop a whole network of ski resorts in the volatile North Caucasus region over the next 10 years. I’ve always liked to believe that skiing can help to bond and bring people together – I’d certainly love to see that happen on a larger scale. The one thing that I wonder about is how many investment banks and private investors will still be willing to put significant sums of money into ski area development, based up on the recent success, or lack thereof, of new resorts (at least here on the North American Continent).

The Montreal Gazette writes:

MOSCOW – Russia aims to build a $15.5 billion ski resort complex in its mainly Muslim North Caucasus region, where an Islamist insurgency claimed the lives of almost 1,000 people last year, a business forum said on Friday.

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It’s pretty cool, in my opinion, to see a country like Russia pushing ski resort development as a way to stimulate economic growth. Is this something that the US should be looking at, or is it the wrong move at the wrong time, after the failure of Tamarack and the stumbling of Intrawest?

Photo Credit: Flickr user acidka via CC attribution 2.0 license