LIkeThe previous post is about some of the problems that social media has, but I now want to highlight some of the great things that social media has brought about.

  • It’s absolutely an amazing way to find information that one would never see on their own. Some of this is amazing and some pathetic, but it’s interesting how quickly and how varied we find out about things these days.
  • Social networks have connected so many people who would never meet each other without it. This is helpful in small business segments such as resort marketing, I’ve met a ton of great resort marketers via social networks and most of them I haven’t ever met in person.
  • For brands, in particular ski resorts, social media presents nearly endless opportunities to really connect with our customers. This is obviously some of the largest impact for brands and I have to say that it feels way longer than 4 years ago that I first dove into Twitter. That winter of 2008-09 was the first winter I saw resorts using social media and it’s pretty much exploded since then because social media is such a natural fit for winter sports enthusiasts who are a passionate and engaged bunch of folks.
  • The integration of photos and videos with social media is a no brainer for resort marketing.
  • People enjoy using social media to share about their favorite winter sports, even if I often wonder if we should also encourage people to shut off their phones on the mountain so they can fully connect with the mountain, it’s still a thrill to share your experience on the slopes with your friends back home.
  • Social media is still way less expensive than buying tv spots, and is way more targeted.
  • Social media is amazingly dynamic and always evolving. To be able to keep up with the next best thing and changes in the landscape requires dedication to figuring out existing channels and recognizing each of their strong points so that it’s easier to see what will fit best with your resort/brand when a new property starts to shoot up the ranks in social media land.
  • The risk in social is tangible, but if a brand makes a mistake, acknowledges it and moves forward, it is also a very accepting and quickly forgetful space as well.

So, while it may not be the ideal world at times, it’s still not a bad place to be as a resort marketer. Stay on top of things in the social space and reap the benefits!

Photo credit: Flickr user FindYourSearch