It’s the only excuse I have for slacking off on my posting to the Resort Marketing blog – it’s been crazy busy! With a slew of deadlines at work, a 5 1/2 year-old in kindergarten, dance, enrichment and soon to be ski school and getting the house, and me, ready for winter, this blog has unfortunately slipped down in my priority list. But, I’m digging out and am back – at least for a bit!

One of the items that has recently caught my eye is a great guide to what each of those oddly named filters on Instagram really do. My go-to filters seem to usually be Lo-fi (or Hefe – a toned down version of Lo-fi) yep, I do like saturation:

I also agree with the filter article that Hudson is great for outdoor images (yes ski season is fast approaching):

But sometimes (all the time if you ask some people), a filter isn’t really needed at all:

Stay tuned for a run down of the best Instagram filters to use on the slopes in a few short months!