I caught a glimpse of this video on TV while eating lunch and decided to check YouTube to see if I could find out more information about it. Turns out, this is a staged demonstration that was used by staff at the Knowsley Safari Park to supplement some photos they took for a press release about these mischievous baboons. What a great idea it is to use visual cues like these for a press release, and with 9,956 views and 21 comments within a few hours of posting it to YouTube shows how quickly good ideas spread. This almost makes me wish for Baboons here in Park City so we could do a similar video, check it out:

What are the lessons from this?

  • There are always opportunities to do what we do everyday differently.
  • Always look for the unique element of any situation.
  • The photos were what were sent with the press release, but the video is what is getting the buzz – don’t be afraid to do more than what is intended.

What else can be taken away from the success of this video and applied to what you do everyday?