HawaiiSure, this blog is about ski resort marketing, but sometimes you need to look at what the “other guys” are doing, and some of the best resort marketers out there are the ones marketing the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. I recently found a very interesting article in Hawaii Business that describes the strategy and tactics that the Hawaii Tourism Authority is using in today’s fast moving market. Interestingly, there’s still a lot of “traditional” marketing with a major effort spent on trade shows, but they have brought in new tools such as QR codes (of course there’s a lot more adoption of QR in Japan) as well as the obvious, but not so simple, need to work with airlines to ensure adequate lift and options for consumers. This effort relies mostly on information which provides my favorite quote in the article:

New-age marketing is all about data.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, although I tend to look more at the fact that strategies and goals still remain the same it’s just the tools we use that are evolving. That and the fact that pretty much everything the HTA is doing can be duplicated in the ski resort industry. Anyway, give the article a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo credit: Me – at one of our favorite Hawaiian beaches, guess away ’cause you won’t get it! 😉