Snowmaking at Loveland in SeptemberThe temperature dipped into the 30s this morning and it got me to thinking about the changing seasons and how I’m not quite ready for Winter to arrive yet. Yeah, I mean what I just wrote, I’m not ready for Winter yet…and this is coming from a life long skier and lover of the winter season. It’s just that I also love Fall, the smell of the leaves and also the chance to work on all those outdoor projects that have gotten pushed to the end of season without getting finished as well as all the projects stacked on my desk that should be finished before the lifts are scheduled to start spinning in exactly 2 months on November 21.

Ok, now that I wrote that, I just read that Loveland Ski Area in Colorado fired up their snowguns this morning and is planning to blow snow for at least the next few days – guess I better start digging out my long underwear and waxing the skis, I suppose I’m ready for a couple of early season runs, what about you?!

Photo credit: The Loveland Snowamking Update Page