141013-evolveIt’s been an interesting few weeks in our quiet little mountain town of Park City and I have no doubts that things will continue to be “interesting” in the coming months and years. I am not going to detail these events as they’ve been plastered up and down the walls of the internet, however, I think that this time of change is a great example for looking at ourselves and how we fall into routines and habits which sometimes get shaken up to help us to continue to evolve and improve in our jobs.

Digital marketing is a space that is in continual evolution and change, which is part of why I really enjoy what I do (be able to promote skiing is a bonus too). In order to keep up with all the new ideas, tools, techniques, opportunities and everything and everything else, I try to spend a few minutes each day catching up on what’s going on in the digital space. I usually don’t have a lot of time, but I have a few emails, blogs and other sources that I will take a glance at.

Over the course of the day, I try to break up my work with periodic breaks to keep me from getting burned out, which I can often feel coming on after two intense hours of concentration on a single project. With five minutes browsing on topics completely unrelated to the subject I was working on, I can reset and get myself back on track to spend a few more hours on my project, plus I get to spend a few minutes looking into topics that I can possibly join into future efforts.

The other thing I try to do is to establish new habits when I can find something that I want to change in my behavior. I got some great insight on habits when I saw BJ Fogg keynote at the Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer in Chicago back in October of 2009, and I’ve continued to follow his tips online. I highly recommend Dr. Fogg’s Tiny Habits program is for anyone who has ever had the urge to do something consistently (create a habit) but can’t figure out how they can do it. It’s really simple, only takes a few minutes per day, and if you follow his steps, you really can create a new habit for yourself. I continue to use the process I learned in this program and as things shift in my workplace I have confidence that this technique will help me to adjust and be successful moving forward.

Photo credit: Flickr user Kevin Dooley