Nope, that title isn’t a mistype, I did not mean to write “King” (or “Queen”), I meant “crap”. And I really don’t intend for this to be a negative post about the vast amount of crappy content that is currently erupting all over the web. It’s more intended as a call to action for those of us that produce content to focus on why we are writing, shooting or editing for each piece that we produce. It’s long past the time to just whip up some content and with search engines continuing to tweak their algorithms to weed out the big time content farms, it’s not going to take long for similar changes to start to impact sites with crappy content: content that isn’t updated on a regular basis, isn’t of use to visitors and in general is just there to fill space.

It seems that there are a lot of new ideas floating around about how to filter out the crap, including search engine algorithm updates, but some of the better examples that I’ve been messing around with lately include XYDO and Percolate. XYDO says it “is pioneering socially endorsed news”, which is basically a way of saying that they crowd source and use social aggregation to provide a personalized yet fresh stream of news stories. They’re just a few months out of beta testing and moving along rather nicely from all appearances – and oh yeah, they’re based out of Park City so that’s gotta be a plus for them. Percolate is a much younger company that is currently in “double secret alpha” mode, which means that it’s definitely in a serious dev stage, yet it is far enough along that it’s promise of, “…create(ing) an engine that helped people, all people, create content more easily by bubbling up the most interesting stuff from their world for them to comment on.” I have to give Percolate credit for giving me the spark to write this post as their mission to share the most interesting stuff got me to thinking about all the non-interesting crap out on the web and how much of it was created just to fill space.

So, while a lot of online content can be crap, I certainly don’t think that all of it is, in fact there’s a lot of great content out there, it’s just a matter of filtering it, which is quickly becoming a much easier task with tools like XYDO and Percolate. This does need to be a wake up to all content creators to always be aware of not creating crappy content and instead working hard to produce “remarkable content” – being content that is engaging to the point of a visitor wanting to leave a comment or share the piece in a way that would say that they wanted to “remark” on it.

What do you think, is the web getting filled up with crap, or is remarkable content still cutting through the noise and providing high quality online experiences? Beyond that, what are we providing as online marketers, in particular those of us working for ski resorts? Good thoughts to always have in mind while working up new projects…

Photo credit: Flickr user tarotastic