Memory CardI had a conversation with a friend recently which reminded be about some advice that a pro photographer gave me years ago as we were considering transitioning to digital. “Reformat your memory cards often.” I don’t know that this is as essential as it might have once been, but I do know that I’ve heard more stories about lost photos and video as we all are using our digital cameras and phones for our only devices and it’s certainly a potential horror show situation if you lose a slew of photography or video for business or personal reasons, so here are a couple of key things to think about:

  • Reformat digital media cards often to start with a clean slate – do this after you’ve transferred your media of course!
  • Backup, backup, backup. A friend just mentioned that her phone wiped itself and she only lost 2 photos due to having backed up recently.
  • On the backup note, I backup using Time Machine, but I also automatically push all of my photos to Flickr and videos to YouTube – using the private setting until reviewed – for safe keeping.
  • Don’t transfer images or video when the camera’s battery is low and don’t remove a card until the operation you’re performing is finished.
  • If you have any other tips or suggestions – please leave them in the comments below!
If a memory card does get corrupted, don’t just throw up your hands, do some online searches as there are several programs available (for a fee) to help recover items from cards, some can even help if you accidentally deleted some images. Otherwise, there are plenty of companies that will help you recover data from memory cards, many options exist for hard drive recovery too!
The big thing here, is to make sure you’ve backed up your digital assets somewhere before you lose them…just a friendly reminder as we continue to create more and more assets!
Photo credit: Flickr user jurvetson