DMSLast week, on Thursday and Friday, I attended a marketing summit to which all of the POWDR resorts sent members of their marketing teams to attend. It was great to finally meet many of the people that I’ve communicated with over the years, but the true highlight was getting to spend a full day with David Meerman Scott. We had actually started our conversations with David over dinner the night before (see the photo – I’m the one hiding in the background), but he hit the ball out of the park when he presented to POWDR executives, resort GMs and our marketing teams the next morning. We followed that up with some small group exercises through the afternoon and I know that we all came away with a ton of new ideas and motivation that really invigorated us for the winter season to come.

I’m lucky in that I don’t really need the additional inspiration that I got out of last week, as I have a passion for what I do – it’s almost ironic that I’m wearing a shirt that says, “Do what you love, love what you do.” right now – but I am thankful for a good shot of additional energy before the big run-up to the season. And yes, I was reminded of this all by David in his  post about his trip to Park City, “Do you love your job?” Once again David, thanks for a great presentation, great ideas and great conversation!

Photo credit: Our waiter at Butchers and posted to dmscott’s Yfrog account.