Favicons are the little icons that show up in your bookmarks next to your favorite websites, or next to the website page title in your browser. They’re not much to look at, as they’re typically just 16×16 (32×32 in some cases) pixels in size, but they’re a nice way to add some additional branding to your website or blog. Most browser now support jpg and pngs for favicons, but many older browsers only support ico files – here’s a quick an easy way to create one.

Find the image or graphic that you’d want to use for your favicon and upload it to www.favicon.cc which will reduce it to a 16×16 grid which you can then edit as you deem fit, all the while being able to look at a preview. Here’s a sample of my image in the grid:

Once you have your image to where you want it, you can download it as a .ico file and then upload to the main root directory of your web site. Typically a browser will automatically request a favicon for your site if it hasn’t already been downloaded, but if you have an instance like mine, where your blog is the default content for you domain, but its content isn’t in the root directory, you may need to post some code in the header code of your theme. I also had to put the favicon in the theme directory, but that’s it for getting a favicon up for your site – enjoy!