As the fall colors have come out in full force and the countdown to the coming winter season opening drops from months to weeks, it’s a great feeling of anticipation, but also one of remembering winter’s past. In particular those memories of sliding on snow in the valleys and hills on Minnesota…

  • Some of my first recollections of sliding on snow are cross-country skiing on trails around my childhood home of Rochester, Minnesota in under bitter cold gray skies. But, I got the downhill bug on a little molehill which was called the Rochester Ski Hill and consisted of a warming hut, a Poma lift and two trails which I remember (not as fondly) side stepping to help groom them out. I also recall a lift ticket was something like a buck, but that little slice of fun closed many, many years ago.
  • I loved school ski trips to the little resort in the Mississippi River valley called Mt Frontenac, now just a golf course, where I learned to make turns with tips from my elementary school teachers and figured out how to ride a tow rope and a t-bar (after plenty of trial and error).
  • Finally, I have lots of great memories of making turns down the slopes of Welch Village (also in the Mississippi River bluffs) with the Rochester Ski Team and learning how to rip turns around bamboo stuck in the snow – I also learned that it’s not a good idea to straddle a flush (thank goodness I watched someone do this). But we also learned a lot of other great skills, like how to time our breaks in the lodge on sub-zero days so that someone was always coming down the course with the rest of us shivering in front of the heaters to warm up again. Of course, this is also where I had my first powder day, a 6 inch ‘dump’ that we skied all evening, even though we had no clue about what we were doing.
Ah, those memories are enough to get me revved up for the coming season…what about you, drop a ski or snowboard memory in the comments!
Photo credit: Welch Village Twitter backgound