My family and I spent some time in New York City  last week. The purpose of the trip was for my Uncle’s funeral, which was this past Friday, but we spent a total of five days which allowed for some great exploring Brooklyn and the rest of New York City. I may write about some of the other experiences from a tourism perspective, but what still sticks in my mind is an experience that I had with the local FedEx print store in Brooklyn.

Funerals are seldom without some difficulties, but this one really didn’t have any, which was due to some great organization by by cousin and her mom. I didn’t really have much to do with the funeral aside from getting tasked by my dad on Thursday afternoon to help get a poster of my Uncle printed and mounted.

I recall that we were visiting the Central Park Zoo when this task was given to me and we didn’t get a chance to even look into printing options until later on Thursday. I was up before 8am on Friday and took a quick stroll over to the FedEx print shop that was just a few blocks from our hotel in Brooklyn. I spoke with Damon, the person handling the printing duties, and once I explained the task at hand, he immediately got to work on the print job and even promised to have the poster ready by 10 – just under two hours. After a quick breakfast, I changed into my suit, headed back to the FedEx store and while there was now a fairly significant line, I was very pleasantly surprised when Damon stopped what he had been working on and handed the perfectly produced poster to me as soon as he saw me walk up. I made sure to give him my sincere thanks, which he accepted with a slight smile as he went back to the task at hand.

I’ll most likely never have the chance or reason to return to this FedEx store, but I will certainly always remember the great service that I received there last Friday. I’ve also written a review that summarizes my experiences on their Google Maps business profile. They’ve got my thanks for making what could have been a difficult task a pleasant and ‘almost’ easy one!