Park Silly MarketI don’t mean get out and go ski or ride, although that’s always a good idea. I mean get out from behind your computer screen and talk to your customers face to face somewhere outside of .

I spent a few hours this past Sunday at the Park Silly Sunday Market helping to staff our booth at which we were providing information on our season pass and other local programs. The Silly Market is a great weekly festival held on various parts of the historic Park City Main Street area as is a fantastic way to get out and meet customers that I would never otherwise get to chat with. It’s such a different experience to talk to someone face to face as opposed to over the phone or via email or social networks and it can be eye opening to hear what people have to say, across all sorts of topics. Another interesting aspect is that by talking to people in situations like this, it’s easy to learn about what topics you might need to educate yourself more on, like mountain improvements or ski school options.

So, the next time your sales department asks for a hand at a ski show or selling passes at the local swap, take a few hours and help them out because you never know what you’ll learn. Stay tuned for: “Get out of the Office Take 2”.