Thanks to Twitter and seeing a Tweet that passed from @WinterPark to @SkiingExaminer to @NickNebonne, see:

Cool! RT @SkiingExaminer: Thx @WinterPark Yes, I'm tweeting Physics Today article! surprising motion of ski moguls:
Nick Nerbonne

Of course I had to click through to the article titled, “The Surprising Motion of Ski Moguls” on the site Now, I have to say that the arguments diagrams and videos presented in this article make  a lot/some/and no sense to me, depending on which part, I do have a big question that the article doesn’t address, which is what is the impact of snowboarders on the motion of ski moguls. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that snowboarders move snow in mogul fields in a different manner than skiers so shouldn’t that also be incorporated into the formulas presented? In any case, where I could ferret out the meaning, it is a very interesting article and I do have to say that the concept of mogul movement does make a bit more sense to me now – does that make me a geek?!

Here’s one of the videos referenced in the article if you just want a glimpse of what they’re writing about, enjoy!