Mt Ruapehu Lift TowerI came across the initial posting of a lift tower issue at Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand on forum section about a week or so ago. But, I hadn’t had the chance to head over to the resort’s website until just recently. It’s rather obvious from the photo at right that the issue at hand is a lift tower that’s out of commission.

There is a listing of ‘Headlines‘ on the resort’s website in which there are already four updates on how the resort is rapidly dealing with the replacement of the tower (I guess this happened just prior to the resort’s opening day). With that in mind, there’s a line in the first post about this incident in which someone writes, “The good news is the snow cover for this time of the year is excellent as illustrated in attached photos taken today around the site of the damaged tower.” You have to admire whoever wrote that for trying their best to accentuate the positives! 😉 In any case, I think it’s pretty amazing that it now sounds like they may have this lift back up in another week (for well under three weeks total repair). So, in addition to the excellent work by their maintenance team, the marketing group has done a fine job communicating the issue and resolution steps as well – great job!

Photo credit: Mt Ruapehu