It’s been two great years of blogging on the Resort Marketing blog and I can honestly say that it seems like it’s been a heck of lot longer than two years that I’ve been nurturing the blog for. In reality, it’s been 192 posts (including this one), 370 comments (plus over 3,500 Spam comments, thank goodness for Askmet), 2 blog hosts ( and now Bluehost) and over 15,000 page views.

After starting off with a whimper with this (rather painful to re-read) first post, I like to think I found a stride of sorts. Here’s a randomly ordered top five of favorite and most popular posts on the Resort Marketing Blog:

  1. Ski Resorts on Twitter post, which may not have been the first, was the first I saw.
  2. My summary of the Marketing Profs Chicago Digital Marketing Mixer 2009, which was really cool in that we continued several conversations in the comments of the post (somehow a few have gotten loused up, I’m hopeful to fix, but not sure I can).
  3. Our New Tankless Hot Water Heater is just a fun post for me because it’s probably the only live blogging I’ll ever do, even if it was completely off-topic.
  4. Because it had the largest traffic spike that I’ve ever seen for the blog, Shaun’s Private Half-Pipe, certainly was a classic example of long tail SEO, plus it was cool to post the pic my friend randomly took of the pipe.
  5. A review of Scarpa tele boots and NTN bindings, which generated a couple of great customer service comments and gave an early boost to my faith in social media.

The Resort Marketing blog also had it’s first face lift a few weeks ago when I updated the theme from Cutline 2.2 to Mystique, which is in some ways it’s 2nd major change, the first being when I migrated it from it’s original “home” on to it’s current self-hosted place mid-summer last year. The self-hosted solution doesn’t come free like the site was, but I strongly believe  it’s worth it to have the flexibility of, and while I do experiment with affiliate links once in awhile, I don’t anticipate turning to other forms of advertising because the hosting costs are minimal and I don’t want to distract from the focus of the blog.

Enough looking to the past – here’s to the future and to everyone that has read or commented on the Resort Marketing Blog, thank you!