Blog's first birthday!

Wow, this is exactly one year to the day that I first posted to the Resort Marketing blog (don’t feel obligated to click back to it as it’s pretty awful). I have to say that I’m satisfied to have made it through a year. But, I do think that there are things I’ve done well along with others I can do to improve in the coming year.

Here’s what I think I did well:

And here’s where I’m aiming to improve:

  • Write more on other elements of resort marketing and not just digital marketing.
  • Have more posts written and “in the can” in order to have good, quality, content ready and waiting for when I get busy or don’t know exactly what to write about.
  • Get a guest authors to post about their Resort Marketing ideas.
  • Create more post than can become a series.
  • Add more photos and video that are created specifically for this blog.

As a reader of the “Resort Marketing” blog, please contemplate leaving a comment to let me know how you think I’ve been doing (what you like, ideas, if you’d like to guest post, etc.) – and most importantly, I want to extend a huge “Thank You” to you for reading!

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