Off to work I goMy employer has a fantastic program in which they incentivize year round employers to take a month off in either May or June. I just finished my “MayAway” and returned back to work this past Monday, refreshed and ready to dive into a bunch of cool projects that we have in the works for the coming months. I find myself looking forward to MayAway each season as it approached, but I also find myself looking forward to the end of MayAway and get back to a job that I find interesting and challenging.

In a way, I’ve been preparing to return to work for pretty much the entire time I’ve been off via this blog. It’s been a great way to keep current on trends in travel and tourism and I’ve even been able to test out several ideas in it. For example, I’ve been experimenting with increasing my posting frequency to see what sort of impact that might have, and although it hasn’t been more than a couple of weeks, it seems as though I’m seeing more search engine referrals and definitely some more people viewing and subscribing to the blog via RSS and email. In the process of trying to post more frequently, I’ve also found myself making frequent use of organizational tools like Evernote and Google Reader to help me organize blog ideas and even get several written up and ready a few days prior to having them publish…yep, I’ve actually been getting ahead of the curve for one of the very few times since I started this blog. Here’s to keeping that up!

Photo credit: tedkerwin