recently published an article called, “Holiday lit ticket prices break $100“, in which they note that several ski areas eclipsed the $100 mark for their standard single day lift ticket rate during the recent Holiday week. Whew, that’s a lot of greenbacks, and while it may convince a few folks to pick up some touring gear and “earn their turns”, I think that most people will simply pay the triple digit price and keep on sliding. It certainly isn’t that $100 isn’t a lot of money, it’s just that I don’t think it’s the “scary boundary” that it once seemed to be.

I’ve heard several arguments that I think help to provide some good perspective on how tickets can reach this level. One, that I think has merit, is that a ski day is typically seven hours and if you divide those seven hours into $100 it works out to be $14.28/hr – a bit pricier than a 2 hour movie with a $12 ticket ($6/hr), but certainly a better value than a 2 1/2 baseball game for which a ticket is perhaps $50 ($20/hr) or a football game of similar length that costs $100 ($40/hr)! The other thing that I think is exceedingly pertinent is that fact that the ski resorts that are charging $100 have all made major infrastructure improvements that cost a fair amount of cash, but also enable skiers and riders to get so many more runs in than they ever have been able to before, so in many cases, although the ticket may cost more, a visitor is actually able to get more runs in!

Photo credit: Flickr user Refracted Moments™