Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer II don’t get the opportunity to attend many conferences, but last year I was lucky enough to attend the first Marketing Profs Digital Mixer in Scottsdale (Email and Social Media: True Love Always is my all time favorite session at any event – photo is of that panel). It was such a great experience that I made sure that I could make it to Chicago for the Marketing Profs Digital Mixer 2009 coming up in under three weeks.

I’m confident the 2nd Mixer won’t be like the first one in that I know that I won’t have another conversation with Chris Brogan about Gary Vaynerchuk that started in the restroom and wound up in the hallway for 20 minutes. But, I’m positive that same openness and high level of engagement amongst all of the attendees will once again be a key ingredient in the MPDM.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to at MPDM 2009:

  • Getting more of the energy and motivation that came from hanging around a group of such motivated and engaged people.
  • A check up our digital marketing strategy and tactics – I want to be sure I’m not missing any low hanging fruit in our 2009-10 plan.
  • Having Mack Collier review our blog and blogging strategy – this time in person!
  • Finding ideas for work and myself that I never would have come across otherwise, from one of the sessions, the 1 on 1 sessions or the great networking that goes on.

I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting a bunch of people at the Mixer, if you’re going, please feel free to give me a shout out either in this posts’ comments, or on Twitter @eric_hoffman and finally, if you follow me on Twitter, let me give you a “heads up” that there will be a few Tweets coming from me with #mpdm in them on October 21 and 22!

Photo credit: / and CC BY-NC-ND 2.0