Here’s a quick observation on the speed of Google in terms of targeted SEO.  I recently posted about the Interactive Content Editor position that we’re in the process of interviewing for at the resort (sorry, the application process is now closed). I wound up Googling the phrase “Interactive Content Editor” as I’m in the process of fleshing out some details of the jobs’ flow and I was amazed at the results:

Yep, in just about two weeks our blog post about the job has vaulted to the top listing in Google for that exact phrase and the top five listings are all for our job posting! Wow, that’s impressive, it got me to head back to Google to check again on a search for the phrase”Resort Marketing Blog”, and, drum roll, yeah – this blog is number two and my old blog on is number one – woohoo! So, the lesson here is to be aware of the power of blogs on targeted Google search results.