As it’s the week before the Resort is scheduled to open, things are ramping up. Just in case it weren’t busy enough, our household had a rather unusual activity happen over the last week. We had a national tv commercial filmed in our backyard!

To my understanding, the location people were looking for a nice backyard with a fence around it, and strange as it seems, our backyard fit the bill. The process was remarkably smooth, but also remarkably fast in that our door was knocked upon during lunch on Friday, the location people spent perhaps 10 or 15 minutes in our yard, came back the next morning for about an hour, after which we chatted that evening about details and signed paperwork on the Monday which lead to set up on Wednesday and filming on Thursday and Friday, whew! We certainly don’t expect this sort of thing ever happening again in our yard, so we took a ton of photos and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having our backyard transformed into a Hollywood set.

The interesting part is that I’m sure that this would never have happened if we didn’t live in a resort town as I know the commercial filmed each day on Main Street here in Park City and I’m guessing that they just needed to figure out a place to shoot the rest of their scenes – which became our yard. In any case, here are some photos documenting one of the more unique few days that we’ve had at our house!