Lift ticketThere are a lot of resorts that are moving to using either RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or other plastic, credit card-style ticket stocks and moving away from the old paper, or paper with adhesive style tickets. There are a lot of benefits, in particular, to the RFID system in terms of CRM, with labor savings in ticket scanning staff, along with accuracy of scanning, but are there personal touches that are being missed?

I recall, and still once in awhile see, people wearing a sheaf of paper tickets on their ski coats and I used to love the funny and sometimes cryptic messages that resorts would print on their tickets. But don’t paper tickets also give a resort the opportunity to give guests a discount on a secondary revenue stream, like rentals, or food or even a return visit? There’s also the chance to solicit consumer research through online surveys, or even to just direct visitors to a resort’s various online points of presence.

While I’m not sure how well these ideas can be implemented on the smaller card-style tickets, I certainly think it’s a lot more effective than just printing the days’ date and time like a credit card receipt. Any other ways to use some of that great real estate and location of a lift ticket to a resort’s marketing advantage?

Photo credit: Flickr user _rockinfree