So would this qualify as a 3 or a 4???

Last week in Oregon, Mt Bachelor Ski Resort (Dislaimer: MB is one of the sister resort of Park City and I do work for Park City) introduced a very intriguing concept for the 2009-10 winter season. They are going to price their day tickets based upon conditions that day! Here’s the scoop:

In a move to better match the quality of the on-mountain experience with the daily lift ticket price, Mt. Bachelor is putting into place a sliding scale that takes into account the amount of lift serviced terrain and weather factors such as visibility, wind, precipitation and temperature…read more

For the ski industry this is pretty radical stuff, well maybe radical isn’t the word, but it’s certainly a big move in the direction of better presenting their product for their guests.

I think that it’s very important how MB lays out the fact that they have larger crowds on the nicer weather days and that therefore they need to price accordingly. I will be interested to see how difficult it is for them to get the pricing scale nailed down every day, according to the Bend Bulletin, MB estimates that they should be ‘correct’ about 95% of the time and I’m guessing that there will be a few days when the weather unexpectedly breaks or socks in.

The most interesting aspect of this strategy is how it is very tailored to the central Oregon audience that MB caters to and would most likely not work well at most other resorts. This customer centric approach leads me to believe that this program will succeed at MB and I hope it leads other resorts to create innovative pricing strategies that are catered to their audience and not set just because it’s how it’s always been done or what other resorts are doing.

Photo credit: kludgebox