Me and DJ - Utah in da house!

Me and DJ - Utah in da house!

After having a great experience at the first Marketing Prof Digital Marketing Mixer (MPDM) last year in Scottsdale, I was excited to be able to attend again this year in Chicago.

At the event in Scottsdale I was busy absorbing a bunch of information and didn’t take the opportunity to do much networking. This year, in addition to getting a ton more great information out of the sessions, I made it a point to take full advantage of talking to as many of the insightful and smart people that were in attendance as I could.

I finally got to shake hands with (yeah I know, Swine flu whatever – there were people in white coats here so I felt safe) many people that I’ve corresponded with online, like Sonny Gill, Mack Collier, Ann Handley and Amber Naslund (if only for a brief moment), but I also had the good fortune to engage with some very amazing people including Stephanie Miller, Ron Ploof, Will Egan, Gretchen Harding and many many more.

My ‘highlights’ can be found in my Twitter stream and if you don’t mind sifting through some typos, here are my ‘raw’ notes: Day 1, Day 2 (these are both Word Docs too BTW).

I’m winding up with a quick vacation, so I’m still digesting many of the things that I heard at MPDM. But, my big takeaway is that there are a lot of brands doing some amazing things in the digital space but that the best approach is to (still), keep it simple, measure, adjust, and keep moving forward with anything that you do online, whether it be email, social, search or whatever. And oh yeah, I traveled all the way to Chicago to meet the energetic and enigmatic DJ Waldow, who now resides in Utah (see the photo) – sorry ’bout your Wolverines DJ!

Photo credit: MarketingProfs Live