Photo on 2009-12-01 at 22.24 #2So, we’re in the process of updating the mobile site at the resort. But, I just realized, after reading a post on the Tourism Keys blog that I’m basically a slacker for not taking advantage of the the tools available by using as the CMS for my blog.

In about a half an hour this evening, I tested out a couple of mobile plugins and settled on the really neat dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack. This plugin is incredibly easy to setup and get configured, the only glitch was that didn’t initially realize that I still needed to manually setup a subdomain in order for the mobile content to resolve (doh!). There’s also a nifty mobile sniffer and chooser feature, and I’m just now getting ready to dig into the barcode widget they offer. Yeah I’m liking those funny looking 2D barcodes now that I have a phone which can use them.

Guess I needed to “walk the walk” in regards to mobile after starting to “talk the talk” a bit here. Thanks for the reminder Todd!

Photo credit: my MacBook Pro and a grainy Photo Booth shot of