I tweeted a couple of times this week from the @pcski Twitter account, about a show on the Travel Channel called Great Weekends, which is airing an episode about Park City this weekend. I put those tweets out because that I felt that they might be of interest to followers of the Resort, but I was surprised to find a note from the social media company that works with the Travel Channel in my personal email account yesterday asking me to embed a video in my blog. I guess this personalized follow up is reflective of how the space is evolving, and I think I should give kudos to the person at the agency who noticed that my personal Twitter account is in @pcski description and I that have a link to my personal blog and my personal email there. I know that it isn’t a simple process to have tracked my email down, so to reward the efforts of Erin in her social media monitoring efforts, here’s the clip, and you know, I may just have to set my DVR to record this episode! 😉