During the weekly Marketing Chat Twitter chat last week, there was a good discussion about how it feels like winter (at least in the West), has moved back a week. I’m not a meteorologist, but it sure feels that way to me, particularly on a day like today, May 2, when it snowed here in Park City! The question seems to be evident, “Should ski resorts move their scheduled season a week or two later?”

Would an extra week or two of skiing in April really benefit most ski resorts? I say no. First, the first week or two of the season is almost critically important in terms of employee training, public relations and getting everything in order for the business critical Christmas/New Years break, which occurs (for better or worse) just a few weeks into the winter season. Second, the benefit of extending longer after most people’s thoughts have turned to spring and summer won’t attract many crowds and certainly doesn’t have the benefit of driving additional skier visitation the next season the way an early opening does.

Is this foreshadowing bigger issues to come for ski resorts in terms of climate change? I sure hope not, but for now, I hope that resorts don’t knee jerk too quickly on adjusting their seasons. What do you think, does it make sense for ski resorts to start adjusting their season dates?

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