Yep, I don’t have an iPhone, but as a happy Motorola Droid user, I thought I’d list what I found to be my top five Android Applications for skiers and snowboarders from the 2009-10 winter season:

  1. Google’s My Tracks – this application totally kicks butt for tracking your turns around your favorite mountain and then sharing them with your friends with speed, vertical and more. See my post on My Tracks for more about this great tool.
  2. Qik – being able to stream live HD video from the slopes is the best way yet that I’ve seen yet of being able to make all of your friends appropriately jealous on that epic powder day!
  3. How Steep – a simple, but cool, app that uses the Droids sensors to show how steep of a slope you’re on. Just might come in useful for those duck out the backcountry gates without the proper knowledge as it starts to show “vulnerable” at just 17 degrees (not a bad thing IMO).
  4. Seesmic for Android – I am a pretty serious Twitter user, getting close to 5,000 tweets. And, I love the ease that Seesmic offers for tweeting from the slopes. It’s easy and I definitely posted a ton of tweets from the slopes this season.
  5. Foursquare – as the most popular of the current geo-location driven social networks, this is another cool way to show your social ‘badge’ gathering dominance on the slopes.

Let me know if you have any other favorite Android skiing and riding apps in the comments!

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