Empty basketball netJust a quick thought: “Will the NBA lockout be a benefit to ski resorts?”

I’d say “yes”.

Sure a lot of NBA basketball fans might not be skiers or snowboarders, but if the lockout does extend out over the busy Christmas – New Years time frame, I’m hopeful that more people will be hitting the slopes as opposed to checking out the traditional Christmas triple header basketball game. And that’s just people who live within an easy drive of a ski resort. What about those folks that do buy season tickets? They certainly have discretionary income and will have some of that coming back into their pockets, why not invest it in getting to the slopes and having some fun? I wonder what a package name for these folks would be…

  • Trade the Court for the Slopes
  • NBA – Nothing But Altitude
  • Slamma Jamma in the Mountains
  • 3-pt Shots < Face Shots
  • Backboards for Snowboards

Ok, these might not be quite the grabber they could be, but you get the point, get basketball fans to take some of their hard-earned cash and put it into buying lift tickets as opposed to NBA basketball tickets – why not?

Photo credit: Flickr user j9sk9s