Scarpa Terminator ProI’ve been telemarking for the better part of 15 seasons now and I must admit that while it’s awesome for the extra movement and “cheap face shots”,  it’s also a great way to get around the resort while working too. By this, I mean schleping gear around for photoshoots, events, signage or just standing around – tele gear is light, comfortable to walk in and definitely easy to skate and traverse with. This has all gotten that much easier since I started riding with the NTN telemark setup 3 seasons ago, read the review I wrote about my setup after just a season on it. After two more seasons, it’s time to update and refresh the gear mix and I’ve just pulled the trigger on ordering a new pair of Scarpa Terminator X Pro boots – a nice step up from the original Terminator X’s that I’ve had as they offer 4 buckles and of course the bumblebee style look that I always enjoyed from my old T-1s.

I’ve also picked up an additional pair of NTN bindings that I’ll have the option to mount with wide ski brakes. This is my dilemma: what skis to procure to mount them to? I’ve been happily skiing a pair of 174 Atomic Snoop Daddys for the past 3 seasons, but I’ve been yearning a bit for the float and Cadillac feel of the 185 Rossignol B-3s that I was on before that. I definitely want a fatter ski, but I lean towards one that has a bit more turn in it than the Rossi’s. That said, I’m a bit tired of getting tossed around by cut up crud and having to work hard to keep my current skis from diving on heavier powder days. So, my question is, what are your recommendations for my needs? What ski should I look to ride on for the 2010-2011 season? Please leave your suggestions, tips or even heckles about my tele____ in the comments.