1st Half AwardsI’m not sure where the time went, but we’re into February and a bit over half-way through the 2009-10 Winter Season…wow, where did the time go! I’ve written before about how working at a ski resort is like working at a school, so I suppose we just went through our mid-terms (hope I passed). But, I figure that I can bring in another analogy and like the sportswriters love to do, hand out some “first half of the season awards”:

  • 1st half MVP – Snowmakers, because without their hard work there wouldn’t have been any good skiing and riding until perhaps January.
  • Rookie – This one goes to our intern because she’s kicking butt and without her we’d have been really struggling on a number of different projects.
  • Biggest surprise – The sudden imploding of Intrawest has got to be the biggest surprise surprise of the first half of the winter to me.
  • Biggest Comeback – Mother Nature with her great work during the second half of January in bringing some wonderful snow during Sundance.
  • Most rapid growth – Social Media usage by ski resorts, which has gone from just a few last season to pretty much each and every one this season.

Any other “awards” that you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

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