Google and ITA SoftwareJust a few quick thoughts, predicated by Google finally closing on their deal to purchase ITA Software, a flight information software company, for $700 million. If (or when) Apple comes out with a full featured iTravel and Microsoft continues along with the path that they’ve already set with Bing Travel, what will this mean for travel world, and more specifically, what will this mean to ski resorts? Might this give ski resorts motivation to innovate and expand in how they distribute and sell their products in the already competitive online marketplace? Or will ski resorts’ distribution options get swallowed up by the big boys (Google, Bing, Apple) as they focus their attentions on the process of travel booking?

Personally, I hope it’s a combination of the options. I think the companies  mentioned will come up with some very innovative ways to simplify the travel planning, booking and even experience itself but that there will be plenty of opportunity for ski resorts to create unique and powerful ways to market and sell their products as well. So, by having new ideas injected into the overall online travel market, everyone will benefit. What do you think?!