Olympic ResolutionsIt has been an interesting experience watching the various Summer and Winter Olympics since the 2002 Games were held in Salt Lake City. And these 2012 London Games were no different. They brought back a lot of great memories and they also were something that seem a lot more personal now that I’ve seen and been behind the scenes of a Games. It was great to see the solid execution of the London Games across all the events by the organizers and competitors alike. But now that the Summer Olympics are over and we’re pointing to Winter Games of Sochi 2014, I am taking a moment to make some Olympics inspired resolutions (I know they’re usually fitness related, but I figured why not add a whole variety?):

  • I resolve to post at least once a week to this blog.
  • I resolve to get myself into pre-season ski shape.
  • I resolve to evolve my work habits to be more effective and efficient.
  • I resolve to spend more quality time with my daughter and wife.
  • I resolve to finish the house projects I still have pending before the snow flies.
This is just a few things on my end of summer to-do list, and I know I’ll be adding more as we get closer to the ski season (in fact we just passed under 100 days to go until resort opening here in Park City), what sorts of things do you have on your Post-Olympics resolution list?
Photo credit: Flickr user Nick J Webb