Balancing prioritiesPriorities. It’s something that we all balance continually in our personal and professional lives. And I’m sad to say that this blog has dropped a bit in terms of its importance in both areas recently.

  • For one, this truly is a blog that is personal in that I write posts on my time and it is a personal perusal of topics of interest to me.
  • I prioritize projects that I’m working on for my day job well above creating new posts for this blog.
  • As my daughter has grown and has become more active, I find myself spending more time with her (and my wife) and less at my keyboard during evening and weekend hours.

These items aside, I still see plenty of reasons to keep typing away and with a few months (busy at that) away from the blogosphere, I will be back on a weekly basis with Resort Marketing blog posts.

Photo credit: Flickr user cogdogblog