There aren’t many spare moments these days and so it was with a lot of jumping in and out that I watched the unveiling of Google+ pages. It seemed to roll in fits and starts because the Create a Page feature wasn’t quite ready when Google started promoting it. This led to many of us wondering what the story was and as the issue wasn’t clearly lined out, I even questioned why expectations weren’t clearly set as it seems that the delay was due to the sheer volume of data centers and servers that needed to get updates pushed out to them. Now, everyone has access and it seems like many brands are starting the process of figuring out exactly what Google+ pages will do for them.

Having spent a few month on Google+, it definitely seems to me that the stream, integration with other Google products like YouTube, Picassa and obviously search that Google+ pages have a lot of potential. As with any channel, it will definitely be up to the end-user/brand to effectively and creatively use the tool. But I think that there are lots of creative directions that one can go, and the nice part is, it’s not a land rush as Google is not giving away although we should all be paying attention to Direct Connect and ensuring that your brand name is ready as it becomes more “readily available”. To learn more, check out the video below: