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This post was inspired by the Ski Magazine’s 1st Resort Awards Gala this past weekend – which was a great party with a great vibe – it was more about the passion and direction of the sport of skiing than about the awards, which was really cool.

Ski Magazine has been doing an annual reader’s poll resort rankings for more years than I can remember while Transworld Snowboarding has been doing a their own reader resort poll (with different topics of course) for a heck of a long time as well. There are plenty of other online polls but those two are what I would consider the standard bearers for ski and snowboard resort rankings.

I recall seeing people when I went to ski shows about 10 years ago who would bring the resort ranking issues with them to the show and then dutifully visit the booths of each resort that ranked well in the categories that they had dog-eared. Having worked a similar ski show the past two years, I don’t recall seeing many people, if any wandering the show’s aisles in that manner. This leads me to ask the question in this posts title, are people still paying attention to the various resort polls and more to the point, do they pay enough attention to warrant making serious efforts to move up in the polls, or at least in the categories that a resort can get better in. By this, I mean that it’s pretty tough for a resort like Telluride to make moves on any of the Park City area resorts, but with the appropriate mountain improvements they certainly can move up in challenge or perhaps family amenities. But, even if a resort does make improvements with an eye to move up in Ski Magazine or Transworld Snowboarding’s reader polls will they see results to justify any investments?

Personally , I’m not sure that it’s worth it any longer, or that it ever really was, worthwhile to invest merely to move up in rankings. A resort should invest inline with its strategic plan and if that helps to boost rankings, hooray, but if it’s other areas that need improvement or rebuilding, so be it. Am I right or wrong?

Photo credit: Flickr user GirlReporter