Snowy MountainsThe “ski bum” culture has always had close ties to illicit substance, but a recent news report from Australia put this connection back to the forefront. There was a drug ring bust in Australia’s Snowy Mountains last week and of the ten people arrested, six of them worked seasonal in the “ski fields”. I don’t know if this is a huge score in terms of drug busts or not, but I do think that it only emphasizes the fact that there can still be a perception that skiing and snowboarding are linked to substance culture.

Resorts can only have some much influence what their guests do. The opposite is true of their employees and the resorts I have knowledge of are very conscious about HR policies in this regard and, at least in my opinion, have really done a fine job of separating the element of drug culture that there is in resort towns, from the resort workforce. I’m sure the Australian resorts where this bust happened have controls in place, but should and how could they react to show that they have taken measures to try to prevent people involved in theses sorts of things from gaining employment at their resorts?

Photo credit: Flickr user Aschaf (hmm, are those clouds, or….?)