Some neat things are happening in the social media world here in Utah, with a number of meetups/tweetups and more coming up in the next weeks.

Tomorrow night in Orem, there’s a Tweetup at CoworkUtah. Jack @coworkutah has a slate of top notch Twitter users that will share their tips on Twitter and the CoworkUtah crew will provide pizza and beverages. Directions and more info is downloadable via this event pdf.

Even more exciting is the first ever meeting of the Social Media Club of Salt Lake City on January 15, with monthly meetings to follow on the third Thursday of every month.  Social Media Club is a national organization, based out of San Francisco, with numerous local chapters throughout the country, and their tagline of, “If you get it, share it.” is what they’re all about.

Down the road a bit more is the 2nd PodCamp SLC, scheduled for March 27. There are not a lot of details on this event yet, but the organizers of the 1st ever PodCamp (which was held in Boston) Chris Brogan and Christopher S. Penn, are two of the more interesting people in social media today and I know that any event following in those footsteps will be very interesting.

I highly encourage anyone who is at all interested in social media to attend one or more of these events because one of the most important facets of social media is meeting the people that you are interacting with online and learning from them (and with them) in face to face settings.

(Yummy) Photo credit: edseloh